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Stéphane Guégan - The pointillist portraitist...

Stéphane GuéganWelcome to Stéphane Guégan’s website. The artist was born in 1971 in Paris. He discovered the technique to draw in stipple at school when he was 16-years-old.

This method, which requires a lot of patience, fascinated him, then he started, at 20, realizing his first portrait.

Two stages are needed to make a portrait. First, the drawing (taking a photograph as a model). Secondly, to stipple point by point the sheet of paper with the help of a pen and Indian ink.

When pointillism is over, he erases his drawing, so that we only see the Indian ink on the paper.

He feels a great pleasure drawing portraits, because of the small size of the points and the beautiful result obtained by drawing so many, so close, playing with chiaroscuro. It brings him the strange feeling he gives birth to a person, who appears, day after day, thanks to the accumulation of thousands of points… until the final point.

Signature - Stéphane Guégan


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